Our Community and Corporate Partners

A speaker onstage at an outdoor event for The Master's Apprentice

Our Partners include leaders in the construction and building trades industries along with urban youth programs, inner city churches and other workforce development and non-profit organizations. The Master's Apprentice creates the bridge between the for-profit entities who are in need of pre-qualified young men willing to learn and the community-based organizations seeking to help these young men improve the quality of their lives and the economic opportunities for their families.


The benefit our business partners, volunteers and community supporters receive is significant. The apprentices who graduate from our program will earn salaries enabling them to provide for their families and purchase a home. This basic economic engine will drive many aspects in the community for years to come and remove burden from public assistance while increasing the tax base.


The opportunity for donors is to have the satisfaction of helping a young man succeed and for companies to sponsor scholarships with the intention of hiring candidates upon graduation. We work to match our students with companies during the program to assure a good fit and career path are created for a win-win result. The Master's Apprentice is a 501(c)(3) non-profit located in the Enterprise Zone which increases our donor's tax benefit by 25%. The average cost of using employment services for corporations is approximately 20-30% of the first years' salary. This will cost from $6000-$8000 with no assurance of success. Our corporate partners who sponsor a $3000 scholarship will receive the added benefit of over $1800 in tax benefits resulting in an investment of less than $1200 for a pre-qualified apprentice, ready to go to work.

Corporate Partners

Die Cut Technologies
General Air
Mastercraft Truck Equipment, Inc.
Greiner Electric
Heating and Plumbing Engineers, Inc.
Hensel Phelps
Ludvik Electric
Associated General Contractors of Colorado
Save Our Youth